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Hi! Here's where you sign up for the Movies For the Blind newsletter. 

In case you're new (welcome!), Movies For the Blind is a weekly podcast with classic movies and tv shows you can listen to like audiobooks!

With the newsletter (in a testing phase for the next couple weeks), you can find out more about the week's episode, including history and trivia on the stars and the makers of our featured shows.

As well, you can learn more about the art form we use to give you movies you don't have to look at to enjoy: audio description (or described video) - narration added to all sorts of visual media to help people who are vision-impaired, print-restricted, or learning English.

So if you're ready to come along, just sign up below with your email address, and make a choice whether you want your newsletter in fancy HTML, or more accessible text.

Remember, your info is staying with us, and you can leave at any time. But let's get you to try it out first! ;-)

Enjoy, and thanks!
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